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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Where is the Farmers' Market in Bath?
A.   The Bath Farmers Market is located at Keystone Park at the intersection of Race and Green

Q.   When is the Farmers Market Open ?
A.   The BFM runs from May to Oct. It is open every Friday from 3 to 7 PM.

Q.   Where should I park?
A.   Parking is available in the American Legion parking lot adjacent to the park. There is a
      convenient foot bridge from the parking lot leading directly to the BFM.

Q.   Who can I call to double check if you are open in case of rain?
A.   The BFM is an all weather market. It is open rain or shine!

Q.   How do I join the Farmers Market ?
A.   Please see the instructions on "Join Us"

Q.   How is the Bath Farmer’s Market Funded
A.   The BFM is a non-profit organization and is provided as a service to our community. It is
        funded through contributions, grants, fees collected from our producers and local sponsors.
        If you would like to donate, or become a sponsor please see our "Main" page for contact

Q.   What vision do you have for the market? How do you plan to grow and improve upon it?
A.   We would like to continue with the current theme only expanding the produce and services
        currently available. We would like to see it become a meeting place for family and friends
        each Friday afternoon / evening.

Q.   Why can’t I buy tomatoes in June at the Bath Farmers Market?
A.   The Bath Farmer’s Market is a “Producer only” local market. This means that our vendors
      are local to our region and they will be selling what is ready to be picked and fresh each
      Tomatoes are generally not ripe in our area until July. The good news is that the season
      extends through October and tomatoes picked off the vine are truly delicious.

Q.   How do I find out what vegetables and fruits are being sold each week?
A.   Please see our page "What's Fresh". It contains a listing of the vegetables and fruits that are
      in season. We strive to insure that our market provides the freshest of the produce in season.

Q.   I have a business in Bath. Who can I call to be on the weekly "Local Specials" board at the
A   Call Carol at 610-390-0555

Q.   Is there Entertainment at the Farmers' Market?
A.   Our goal is to showcase local musical talent each week. If you would like to perform for
      free (you may hand out business cards if you like).

Q.   Do you have crafters at the Farmers' Market?
A.   Yes, each week we will feature one crafter. For more information or to sign up, sponsor
       please see our "Main" page for contact information

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